Bobby R. Alford, MD Endowment Research Grant

The Bobby R. Alford MD Endowment was established to honor Dr. Alford’s dedication to the specialty of otolaryngology and commitment to education and training, by endowing a research grant in his name.

Your charitable gift to the Bobby R. Alford MD Endowment ensures that research opportunities, which Dr. Alford spent a lifetime promoting, will continue for generations to come. The Bobby Alford, MD Research Grant is awarded as part of the Academy’s CORE grant program.

The AAO-HNS foundation’s Bobby R. Alford, MD Endowment Research Granthonors the dedication of Dr. Alford to the specialty of otolaryngology and his commitment to education and training.

Dr. Bobby R. Alford’s dedication to the specialty of otolaryngology is evidenced by his accomplishments in patient care, education and research at the department named in his honor at Baylor College of Medicine.

His commitment to education and the training of otolaryngologists has led to an amazing legacy. Since 1962, the department that was chaired by Dr. Alford from 1967 to 2010, has trained more than 250 residents and fellows. Many have gone on to hold academic positions, including 30 who have become full professors and 16 who have become, or are currently, department chairs.

Dr. Alford’s efforts to encourage cross-disciplinary research also led to a lifelong involvement with U.S. space programs ultimately resulting in the formation of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute established by NASA in 1997, of which he served as its initial CEO. This consortium of 12 institutions continues to lead a national effort to conduct the biomedical research necessary to support long-term human presence, development and exploration of space and to enhance life on Earth by applying the resulting advances in human knowledge and technology.

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