Hal Foster, MD General Endowment

In 1896, Dr. Hal Lovelace Foster called the first meeting of what would later become the AAO-HNS, the largest organization representing today’s otolaryngologist –head and neck surgeons. Dr. Foster had the insight to understand the importance of creating a forum to advance professional learning for the benefit of quality patient care in the specialty.

Dr. Foster inspires all of us who are beneficiaries of his legacy to make the same choice of providing leadership level philanthropy, investing in the future of our profession.

Your charitable gift to the Hal Foster, MD General Endowment ensures the future of the specialty by providing an on-going source of funding to be used where needed most today and in future years.

The AAO-HNS Hal Lovelace Foster, MD (1858-1946)

“We are still trying to make people see and hear. May this high

scientific work (of the Academy) continue and future generations yet

unborn profit thereby” – Hal Foster, MD


Dr. Hal Lovelace Foster received his medical degree in 1882 from the University of the City of New York Medical Department (now New York University College of Medicine). During his time in New York City Dr. Foster studied ear, nose, and throat medicine at several major hospitals and infirmaries. In 1882, Foster decided to "go west young man" and open a practice in Kansas City, Missouri. When he began practice, he was the only physician and surgeon in Kansas City specializing in the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases.

In 1896 Dr. Foster invited over 500 ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists to what was to be the first meeting of the Western Ophthalmological, Laryngological, and Rhinological Association (renamed the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology in 1903). Dr. Foster estimated that the entire meeting cost $400, which he paid entirely from his own funds. Foster said of that first meeting, "the money I spent in calling those specialists together was the best investment I ever made."

Dr. Foster’s interest in the development of medicine in this country was broad and comprehensive. Not only did he found the AAO-HNS, but was also a charter member and officer in five other local and national medical societies, including the American College of Surgeons. It Is evident from historical clippings and letters that Dr. Foster was an unassuming man who devoted his life to medicine and sought no personal recognition or honors. It is this devotion that led to the establishment of our organization. As such, we do him great honor by naming this campaign after him to ensure his legacy continues

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